Where to sell DVDs, CDs and Games

I’m in the process of trying to get rid of a lot of old Wii, DS games and DVD’s. I’ve spent a long time looking for the best value and reviews about suppliers and I figure it’s worth sharing this as there isn’t really any great guides on how best to do this.

Where can I Sell?

There are a number of options that I found for where to sell things:

However I’ve found that not all of the above are reliable – there’s seems to be few who take your items and run. I’ve personally not experienced this, but I did a number of checks on review sites and some of these sites have shockingly bad reviews. Here’s the overview of what I found across sites, plus who’d I’d trust:

Of these http://www.tradeyourstuff.co.uk/ looks way too dodgy from the reviews – so I’ve removed it from the next steps. Similarly I don’t feel confident using http://uk.webuy.com/sell/ because they have a lot of bad reviews, but they also seem to slightly active on facebook in resolving issues. I’ve emailed them directly about these negative reviews to get their views/opinions, I’ve left them in for now.

Where will I get the most money?

I had ~100 DVDs and Games to sell & I wanted to get the best price possible, so I wrote a little script that would scrape all the sites and get all the prices out for me. The best way for me to share which is best is just to show the data:

As expected it’s best to use a mixture of if you plan to sell. At the moment http://uk.webuy.com/sell//CEX is offering a lot of great best prices, however I’m not yet confident in using them. As mentioned I’ve emailed them already to get some feedback on all the negative reviews, but I still don’t know if I’d trust them.

I hope this is useful for others as it can be pretty confusing knowing who to use to get the best prices.

4 thoughts on “Where to sell DVDs, CDs and Games

  1. CEX offer the same prices in-store, so if you’re near one that’s a good way to use them with zero risk.

    I’ve only sold to CEX instore, and it was computer hardware, but I had a good experience. I’ve also bought a few hundred quid’s worth of stuff via their website, and it went well. not great. Out of maybe 100 items, a couple were the wrong, but similar, item.

    The wrong edition of a game, and a classical music CD that was the right music, but by the wrong orchestra. not the same CD, not the same barcode.

    I think you made a mistake in saying http://www.webuydvds.co.uk/ were dodgy. It’s http://www.tradeyourstuff.co.uk/ who are thieves. I 100% agree. They’re thieves. They’ll take your stuff and run, ignoring any communication. I’ve used webuydvds with no problems.

    You might want to look into:

    http://www.chilloutgames.co.uk/ – don’t think I’ve used them yet
    http://uk.momox.com/ – fast, easy to use. I’d use them again
    http://www.webuybooks.co.uk/ – again, a nice easy transaction. They buy more than books!

    I think I’m about to try out Zumu for the first time. Wish me luck!

  2. I sold my nokia 5800 on envirofone as they were the one company who offered me the most money for my phone, as you may find when looking at other models. The iphone is worth selling to them as it can still be worth a lot (Well, compared to other phone models)I use http://www.mobilephonerecycling.co.uk/ to help me find which website is best. Like palandraca said below though, you may want to try it on ebay ? if the money is right?

  3. Thanks Gary – It’s great to hear someone’s opinion of CEX who’s used them.

    You’re right about the webuydvds.co.uk not being dodgy, it is tradeyourstuff.co.uk who are the thieves.

    http://uk.momox.com look reliable and trustworthy, I just couldn’t write code to scrape their website (they embed all the prices as images – probably to stop people like me doing that!) I did find that there isn’t very many things that they take, but for the ones they do take they give a pretty good price.

    I’ll see if I can add the other two you suggest to the spreadsheet to see what they’re like.


  4. Hi. I have several hundred CDs I want to sell to these companies but like you I want to make sure I get the best prices I can. Unfortunately I don’t have the same talents as you and wondered if you would be willing to share the script you wrote so I and others could use it please? It would be really appreciated and save hours of scanning them all into different websites!!!

    Many thanks,

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