About me

I am a JavaScript and Java developer based in London - I have experience working in large corporations setting development best practices, providing tooling to aid developers and working with teams on robust desktop, mobile and server applications.

  • A Framework-less Java SOAP Service

    I’m a heavy user of Apache CXF which uses Spring for configuration. I’m a big fan of it’s customisability and feature-richness, but sometimes in a sea of features we forget how simple things can be!

  • Senchacon 2013: Clean and Maintainable Ext JS

    Have you ever looked back on an Ext JS or Sencha Touch project and been bewildered by the volumes of code youve written? Perhaps youve joined a team and had start editing some Ext JS classes, but found yourself lost in reams of JSON configurations?

  • Where to sell DVDs and Games

    Don’t know where to sell your DVDs, CDs and Games to get the most money? I’ve spent a long time looking for the best value and reviews about suppliers and I figure it’s worth sharing this.