SalesforceWay Podcast Interview – Locker Service

I was very fortunate to be invited by Xi, the host of SalesforceWay Podcast, to come on the show and talk about Locker Service.

Locker Service is one those of weird technologies that many people don’t fully understand or see the benefit of. In fact I’d go so far as to say that many Salesforce developers see it as a blocker to being able to freely develop on Salesforce.

This is 100% not true and comes down to what I believe is a misunderstanding of firstly why we need Locker and secondly what Locker actually does.

I think Xi picked out one of the most of the best parts of the podcast in this YouTube video in which I try break down the reason we need Locker on the Salesforce platform. I highly recommend watching it if you’ve never really understand why it’s there (it’s only a minute long):

Understanding the reasoning for its existence hopefully helps you see how it’s benefiting you as a developer.

I recommend listening to the whole podcast to learn more about Locker:


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Author: Matt Goldspink

I'm a web developer based in the UK. I'm currently UI Architect at Vlocity, Inc, developing UI's on the Salesforce platform using a mix of Web Components, Angular.js and Lightning.

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