A bit more progress on the itunes themed UI

Got the grid loading using WebWorkers to improve performance and interactivity (note the loading status in the bottom left of the grid). Also add playlists to nav tree on the left and began to style the grid a lot more like itunes.
A bit more progress

Author: Matt Goldspink

I'm a web developer based in the UK. I'm currently UI Architect at Vlocity, Inc, developing UI's on the Salesforce platform using a mix of Web Components, Angular.js and Lightning.

2 Comments on “A bit more progress on the itunes themed UI

  1. Matt-
    I like where you are starting to go with this and was wondering if I could be added as a contributor on the project, well if you want any help on it. I have some ideas for making it store in the browsers database for faster querying against along with a few other tweaks that might make it faster.

    1. HI Josh. Sure, I’d be happy to add you as a contributer. I was also thinking about the same thing myself using the local storage api’s. I’ve set you up as a project commiter here: http://code.google.com/p/subtunes/
      Feel free to check out the code (which I admit needs a bit of a clean up and some docs) and have a play.

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