Author: Matt Goldspink

I'm a web developer based in the UK. I'm currently UI Architect at Vlocity, Inc, developing UI's on the Salesforce platform using a mix of Web Components, Angular.js and Lightning.

Hackday 2011 – London Borough Smackdown

Back on March 26th I was invited to a government hackday by Meg and her uni mates. The aim of the day was to get into groups and make use of government data to produce some application, ranging from useful tools, visualisations of data or making fun things with government data. We had 6 hours! …


Can’t boot into Windows XP after installing Ubuntu 10.4 (Lucid Lynx)

I upgraded to Lucid a few months ago but have not been able to use my windows partition since. Everytime I select it from Grub2 it just goes to a grub style prompt and I can’t do much. I finally found a solution here: which worked beautifully first time and I’m now back into …


Re-visiting Spring, Ivy and Maven – copy and paste configs

So its been a while since I did any Java development at home and having done enough at work I figured I would get a basic ivy setup with all the regular dependencies that I use for 90% of the projects I do at the firm and am likely to do at home so I …


Sencha touch, YQL and BBC essential mix

So following on from earlier post this week about writing an Ext app which uses YQL to show the BBC radio1 essential mix tracklisting I decided to re-implement the same thing but using the new sencha touch library. Here it is: BBC Essential Mix Trackisting for Android, Ipad and Iphone I’ll post later this week …


Playing with Ext.js, YQL and BBC radio1 Essential Mix

I’m a big fan of the radio1 essential mix and list to almost every week. I’m also getting more and more stuck into Ext.js at work. I also saw a great talk by Christian Heilmann of Yahoo at Full Frontal last and he demo’ed YQL. So I thought I’d give it a go and make …